Jaye’s Best Day of the Week ~ WIP Wednesday

My days get busier than ever, so allocating just one is difficult. Wednesday is always WIP day, even though other things constantly get in the way. As usual, fate stuck his nose in, deciding my morning.

I started well, waded through the emails, checked comments on WP and made inroads into our media overload, almost ready to start writing…

When the mouse started playing up again.

Jumping around like an idiot, refusing to go where I pointed, not doing a bloody thing for my happy Wednesday. This happened last month, and I ended up buying a new mouse. Surely it can’t want replacing already?

So, I did what any self-respecting blogger should do, I switched everything off and moved to my writing chair.

I read an interesting post from Joan Hall today about WIP…

I was in heaven for the next hour as I worked on my current villain. I like my bad boys to be special and very human, so it’s always a pleasure to be in their company. I wondered why this was and if it said something about me? I mean, creating heroes doesn’t fill me with this much pleasure. Almost, but no cigar, if you know what I mean…

The other odd thing about writing is that I get such promising ideas while doing it. Ideas for different projects, so I must have a notebook beside me.

I also read another interesting post about Writing and Covers from the Story Empire. Timely, too, for I am wrestling with creating a new cover for one of our books.

I have also saved a copy of an article about Newsletters, something I really need to study.

It is lunchtime, and it’s been a wonderful day already … not counting the mouse! They say the devil works in clever ways…


25 thoughts on “Jaye’s Best Day of the Week ~ WIP Wednesday

  1. You’re a wonderful writer, Jaye, all the best! I’m looking forward to feeling your energy boost!! Thank you for the Story Empire mention. Big hugs! 🤗

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