My Thoughts on the Blog Post Regarding Publishing Trends in 2022

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The article I am referring to is at this link if you want to read it. The post was written by Clayton Noblit at Written Word Media. This was a really good article. I enjoyed it a lot. I encourage authors to check it out.

Now for my thoughts…

My initial thought as I read the blog was, “I’m screwed.”

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I laugh as I write that, but it’s how I was feeling the entire time I was reading it. Things are changing so fast in publishing that I don’t know if I can keep up. I’m currently at my mother-in-law’s taking care of her for a few days. I have a husband and four kids, and while one is now in college and the other is a senior, I do want to spend time with them before they move away. Then there’s…

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5 thoughts on “My Thoughts on the Blog Post Regarding Publishing Trends in 2022

  1. For all the bells-and-whistles these articles talk about, the truth is, writing and publishing are really simple. (relatively speaking. 🙂 ) Author writes book … author goes to Smashwords and Amazon, and any other platform of their choice, and publishes book (as an ebook and in print) … author then goes back to computer and writes next book. There’s much more involved in each step, obviously, but that’s the bare bones of it.


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