The Ghost of Christmas Present…

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The Ghost of Christmas Present

We really wanted Christmas to be special this year but could not possibly have foreseen what 2021 had in store for all of us.

For the first time ever, it feels right somehow that the year is slowly dying, slipping away unnoticed among all the chaos and misery.

We are feeling much the same way as the ghost of Christmas hovers in the doorway like an unwelcome guest, unsure, as we all are as to what will happen next.

2022 is just days away, a brand-new year.

A year we are beginning to think will be the same as the last.

This is normally the time when we start looking forward to a new year, convinced it will be the one to remember. Truth is, we are dreading it. Among so many other things, this year has shown us just how vulnerable we really are.

At the beginning of 2021, we were determined not to allow despair or depression in the door, and for a while, we managed to maintain a cheerful front. We carried on writing/blogging as usual but gradually over the months, we seem to have become so old, dare I say fragile?

This is how a total loss of control must feel.

I woke up this morning with the overwhelming desire to send all the misery, worry and complacency packing along with this dreadful year.

To rekindle the spark that will make us all feel alive again.

At first, we will probably have to ‘fake it until we make it’, push the envelope like crazy until life feels better.

We wish all of our friends and followers a wonderful New Year, a year full of promise and possibilities, and we will shortly be sending out the first of our 2022 newsletters, looking forward and planning a much better year…

17 thoughts on “The Ghost of Christmas Present…

  1. It’s a time that tests a woman’s soul, for sure. I know we will find that shoulder to the wheel determination again but some days it’s not easy. Wishing you resilience and health.

  2. Hi Jaye,
    I closely related to what you shared here. I spent last NYE with four friends at our place due to covid restrictions. One of those friends had been battling cancer for 8 years but was cancer free and quite positive about the year ahead. Around May the cancer came back and hit her like a forest fire and she was gone. Three other close friends have died since then – none from covid. All of that’s making me feel cautious about taking on the new year. Could be better, could be worse but it certainly feels like we’re playing Russian roulette and I don’t know how long I can keep locked away like I’ve been. I’m the only one stopping myself from going out to do exercise and I think that’s probably what I need most atm. I just read a few posts about sitting being the new smoking. I already knew that, but it reinforces it.
    So I am going to be looking for more balance and more structure in the new year and more exercise is going to be looking for me.
    Best wishes,

    • Hi Rowena,

      I am so glad you enjoyed my post, and that it has motivated you into feeling better in the new Year. I think that was what triggered my writing it, as I was getting a little fed up with myself and the lethargy that was creeping closer. Life has to get better soon, and we must try to be ready for it.

      Best wishes


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