The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle 529 ~ #Poetry

Time is a slow thief of life
I no longer strive to keep up
The old engine clogged
I stare into the abyss
That velvet touch of darkness envelopes me
Why do I struggle when there is no truth?
I hear midnight strike above my head
The air split with the beat of wings
I witness a strange pulsating shiny light
Is this a new kind of morning
Will the papers tell me a catastrophe has taken place?
Or am I free of life’s struggle
Have I paid the ultimate price?
Do I now walk in the new light of morning?
Will my legs slide over the side of my bed?
Will my feet touch the familiar slippers waiting?
How will I know I am not split?
Living in two worlds, side by side
As I walk with a strange shadow
Time will tell…

© AnitaDawes 2021

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