The Windows of my Soul…

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The Windows of my Soul…

The first time it happened, I thought my brain had decided to quit, breakdown or crash, whatever it is brains do when they die. One minute I was perfectly fine, reading something on the computer screen and then it happened.

My brain lurched.  That is the best way I can describe what it felt like. It was as if the contents of my head twisted around in one quick movement. Instantly, I felt sick and nauseous, and when I tried to stand, the room revolved violently, and I had to sit down again.

I was unable to walk or work. I wasn’t actually sick, but it felt as though I would be at any minute. The following morning, I opened my eyes, expecting the worst, only to discover whatever it was had gone. It didn’t happen again for what seemed like a long time, but I had to endure these “dizzy days” every couple of months, and although I coped with it, I secretly worried what it could mean.

Last year these ‘spells’ have begun to get closer together and last a little bit longer than just one day. This was roughly when the optician discovered I had cataracts growing in my eyes. They were very small and didn’t need to be removed yet. I was assured they were not the cause of my symptoms and prescribed a special coating for my glasses to combat the glare from the computer screen.

Fast forward to this year and the dizzy spells. They last for a bit longer now, and another visit to the opticians confirmed that the cataracts are still small and unlikely to be causing me trouble. Again, I am not convinced. Something must be causing all my dizziness.

I found respite by wearing sunglasses over my glasses, at the computer as well as out of doors, and may invest in new tinted glasses to avoid wearing two pairs all the time. I have been reluctant to bother my doctor again, as he didn’t have a clue last time I went. I already suspect it is probably yet another of those mysterious ailments that must be endured as part of growing old. I am learning to limit my screen time and I cannot wear my glasses all day either.

The thought of losing my sight, or worse, fills me with equal amounts of fear and dread. I think of all the things I love to do and might not be able to manage anymore, and don’t know how I will cope if the worst happens. Quite apart from my writing and hobbies, there are so many other things I love to do. It breaks my heart to even consider life without them all.

For a start, what would I do all day…?

13 thoughts on “The Windows of my Soul…

  1. I’m sure you don’t need everybody’s opinion, but…When I had similar spells a few years ago, they ruled out everything considered really bad and settled on ‘Vestibular Disorder’, where the calcium crystals in my ear canal had gotten displaced and needed to be shaken back into place. Lots of head-flinging exercises, and it all finally settled down. But, I know how unnerving it is when motion, light, or basically anything can make you suddenly nauseous and dizzy. We refer to it as “Weird Head.” Hope you don’t struggle too much!

    • I had my head flung about a while ago and my weird head did settle down for a while. My doctor thinks I might be developing inner ear trouble, so she’s on the case.
      Thank you for trying to help me, Gwen…

  2. Well, bugger! 🙁 … Oh, Jaye, are we talking vertigo here, or something more nefarious? … might it be time to consult with a specialist who’s higher up the ‘food chain’ than an optometrist?

    • Who knows? it’s been going on for a while now, and I used to worry (a lot) but I have given up worrying about what goes on in my head. As for looking for better medical help, been there, got the t-shirt, but no help at all.

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