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It has stopped raining and the sun is shining its socks off here in Hampshire. It is so good to see a blue sky, if only for one day as rain is predicted for the rest of the week.

We are posting two challenges today and Sadje’s prompt has conjured up fond memories of Cornwall, somewhere we would love to move to someday.

What do you see # 101 – September 27, 2021

Image credit; Maksym Harbar @ Unsplash


I am not much of a globe trotter
More of a home bod
Plus, I never have the money
To travel any further than Cornwall
The place that stole my heart
I would love to walk 
through that amazing tower
To stroll along the streets
I could almost feel as if 
I had travelled back in time
To a magical harbour
To feel safe in that cosy street
To visit the tiny yellow house
I wonder, would they let me enter
The green tower above the clock
That ticks time away slow
Like a soft summer breeze
It looks to me that you could let
Children play on those streets
With no fear of danger
I will wait for another lifetime
To visit all the places that sit waiting
In my mind…

© Anita Dawes 2021

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