MLMM Wordle #252 #Poetry

I could kick myself for allowing my mind
To ruminate for so long
The water over ran the bath
I stand in my kitchen
With the ceiling peeling, flaking around me
The tohubohu extreme
I cannot remember what was on my mind
My only thought was about the caress
I felt on the back of my neck
The surprise came from the
impetuous way it made me feel
I clip the ad from the newspaper
Pinning it to my board
Hot plumbing – 24/7
Did I mention the dark shadow?
that passed behind me
That hovered at a strange angle
Fuelling the way, I felt a moment ago
I rang the number, fingers crossed
That the ceiling wouldn’t collapse
before he could arrive
From the sound of his voice,
I was left wondering
If he would be hot stuff…

© Anita Dawes 2021

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