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FOTD – May 4 –Rhododendron

Suddenly, I remembered that the Rhododendrons are up and from the glance I took at them, there are a lot of them this year. It is beginning to look like rain, so I didn’t want to wait. Grabbed the camera from the table next to me and went to take a few pictures. Rhododendrons and anything else that looked good.

Graphic Rhododendron 1

Rhododendron graphic 2

A closer look

I was looking not only at the flowers today, but at the bark and I realized that this is an old rhododendron. The bush was in the yard when we moved here, but it never bloomed. It threw up a bud now and again, but no flowers. It was only after we cut back the roses and it started to get more light that suddenly, it grew a whole new branch. It flowered last year, but…

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