5 Things I Hate About Blogging


Things I Hate About Blogging

I love blogging- it’s probably one of my favourite things to do apart from reading stuff about history because for some weird reason my brain thinks reading hundreds of pages about things that happened hundreds of years ago is fun. But I digress, I love blogging but I have to admit- like everything it has it’s advantages and disadvantages. I read this post by Shelly– an awesome blogger you should immediately check out if you haven’t already- and that’s where I got the idea from this post from. Our posts are a bit different but her post is what gave me this idea and I always want to support other bloggers plus credit should be given where it’s due so do check out her post as well- it’s very interesting and super relatable.

Here are five things I hate about blogging:

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2 thoughts on “5 Things I Hate About Blogging

  1. Nice Blog! Loved your honesty here. I am a new blogger and I don’t do it for followers typically. Penning something down calms me and reading articles likes yours actually helps me improve. So that’s typically my way of blogging! But these Spam comments on posts just to get attention – Lol, I hear you (eyeroll). You are an awesome blogger..Keep’em coming. Psst… This is not a spam comment. 😉😅

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