Another one of those days…

I knew something was up, as the pc had been making these strange electrical noises for a while now. So when it refused to load yesterday morning, my heart sank into my boots. I enlisted help from number one son, but between the two of us, fumbling around in computer murk, the only thing we managed to do was reduce our limited techno brains to mush.

We googled until our fingers were numb, but nothing helped. He gave in long before I did, but what can I say, stubborn is my middle name! Eventually, even I had to admit defeat and I went to bed with a sore head and a very heavy heart.

This morning, despite owning the wisdom of my years (what!) I tried again, only to receive the same message.
Time to look for a new one, or a refurbished one as I’ m not made of money…

This is supposed to be a new year, but nothing seems to have changed, not around here anyway. Just when I was getting my act together, too.
Depending on the time of delivery tomorrow, I may not be around much… I hope everyone is having a much better day than me…


6 thoughts on “Another one of those days…

  1. Hi Jaye, I don’t know what you like but I had GoGroupie with an offer of Refurbed Mac computers at £249 I’m told they’re less trouble than Windows but I don’t know. On the Aldi site though for online purchase only are Medion Computers which are Windows and I can say are good machines. I bought one about 10 years ago and I swear I paid £500. It lasted me about 6 years before I got the itch again. Anyway they’re still £500 only better equipped.
    that’s the link if you want to check it out.

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