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FOTD – February 24 –Macro Flowers

I haven’t used my macro lens in a while, probably because nothing is blooming. My orchid is sending up shoots and I’m ignoring it except for watering because the two times I tried to tie up the new shoots, I broke them. So now, I’m afraid to touch it. My repotted Christmas Cactus seems to be depressed and I think I have to put different soil in the pot. This soil might be too light, even for a cactus.

Nothing is growing outside, though finally the snow is melting and I’m hoping by the beginning of March, we’ll see some crocuses popping up in the garden. And by then, maybe one of my orchids will be making a bud and my cactus will revive. I hate the idea of repotting it again. It suffered a lot of destruction last time and doing it again…

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