First Journey Doors at No Facilities & Delta Pearl Intervention

Teagan's Books

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Allison Scagliotti as Émeraude. Composite of Pixabay & public domain images by TeaganAllison Scagliotti as Émeraude. Images by Teagan

Softly, scratch, scratch, scratch… … … Scratch, scratch, scratch.

Did I hear something at the door?  I’ll take a look. 

Oh?  A beautiful clockwork butterfly, set with yellow-green gems.  Peridot! The last time I saw you, the Dealer’s cat had just spat you onto the Delta Pearl’s carpet. You’re fluttering smoothly now though. Your gems sparkle when you move your wings.

Knock, knock, knock

Émeraude, I didn’t expect to see you.  Erm… So, you’re just going to barge in and stand there tapping your foot?  Eliza?  You’re here too?  What’s with the frowns?  I feel like the temperature in here just dropped ten degrees.  Why are you here?

Émeraude:  You abandoned us for some little waif in a completely foreign world, my chuckaboo.  And it’s not all beer and skittles where you left us.

Lily Elsie circa 1900, English actress-singerEliza played by…

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