#BlogBattle ~ Blank ~ #Poetry

January #BlogBattle: Blank

All too often, I sit with a blank pad on the arm of my chair
Pencil poised, waiting for inspiration to strike
Today, I wondered about the substance of me
My true colours
I am a little afraid to look too close
As I have no wish to add to my long list of faults
I am sure many of us, on looking,
Would find we are not as nice or kind as we could be
With each new year, I tell myself
I will try harder, do better
If it were down to a panel of four with a red buzzer,
you would hear this awful sound … Ah Arr
There is one thing I am hoping for
My muse to wake from her long sleep
As I haven’t heard from her for a long while
When it comes to a new book, I like writing titbits,
however I miss the challenge of a long story
Meeting new characters, living their lives page by page
Wondering each day what they will come up with
To fill the blank pages
My fingers are crossed for 2021
Maybe I should uncross my mind
Fill that blank space with wonder…

© anita dawes 2021

13 thoughts on “#BlogBattle ~ Blank ~ #Poetry

  1. A great stream of consciousness. So simple, yet such a profound piece.
    I especially liked:
    “My fingers are crossed for 2021
    Maybe I should uncross my mind”
    Here’s to a new year, new hopes, and new dreams!
    Let us write!

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  3. Happy New Year ladies. Bit late to say that, but one does hope it will move in a better direction than the lat one! I think there’s great writers empathy here. The blank page eagerly awaiting the wordsmith. The Wordsmith eagerly awaiting the blank page. Both staring at each other awaiting the muse. Hoping for a new journey and a new story where new friends await and adversaries lie in wait. I myself have been page staring for months too. Not short of ideas, the muse is angry and my characters livid. Methinks that means I’m lacking the other glue required…mojo!

    Good starting piece for the year ahead.

    Also noticed the story link to here isn’t working right. I shall fix that right now!

  4. I LOVE this. What a terrific way to sum up that anticipation and hope, for greater things from ourselves in the coming year. Such a strong ending, too, about filling the blank space with wonder. You go! : )

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