The Small Dog’s On Guard

The Small Dog

I may be in the doghouse

‘Cause she couldn’t sleep in bed

So she  curled up on the sofa…

Where I dug her up instead

(Because I had to check her

Just in case she might be dead.)


“Oh, Small Dog, you are rotten

Thus to wake me from my sleep.

When dreams had just enmeshed me

And my slumber was so deep.”

“Well, writer you should answer,

Not lay there without a peep!”


“I wanted,” said the Small Dog,

Just to cuddle for a while,

And to keep your toes all toasty

And perhaps to see you smile…

But underneath your blanket

You were just part of the pile… “


“It is cold and I was sleeping

‘Cause I wasn’t feeling well…

Some rotten bug attacked me

And as far as I can tell

I’m viral for the moment…”

“To be fair, you look like hell…”

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