Timeless Mind

Photo credit: Pixabay

Astral travel happens when a person wilfully goes out of her body; as in, the soul leaves the body. Travels to various places, even different dimensions and then comes back.

During this time, the body lies motionless. It is connected to the roaming soul with a fine energy thread.

There are many persons who teach such techniques and there are astral travel magazines where such practitioners share their experiences.

I have met many persons who have been doing it for years and have now stopped. Anna, a young teenager could so it spontaneously since childhood. Many times, she would just come out at night and fly through the malls, the clouds. Later, she stopped, after learning of nature’s laws.

Now, for the main question. Shall I?

The answer lies embedded in the goal. If the goal is just to have some fun, live life on the edge…

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