Broken angel


Broken angel…

Beautiful angel, the war is over for us.

We did the good fight and you and I.

Need to rest.

Find some light in the darkness.

Our blood soaked hands, our bloody minds.

We need to be clean with a waterfall of hope.

We need to find the blue sky,

a quiet sea.

Where we can taste the ambrosia wine and learn to be brave again.

I want to make you smile again,

I want to make you laugh again.

We will dance for the Goddess of the sea.

We will learn to weave and dance till we hurt no-more.

Please my dearest angel,

time for the bloody days to end.

We must seek the fresh fruits in the tropical forest,

feel the ocean against our feet.

Leave the hate and disappointment behind us.

Maybe find love, maybe love can heal us?


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