Une femme détective d’un certain age… Plus #BookReview: Jane in St. Pete by @CynthiaHarriso1 #Mystery #Humor #RBRT

Barb Taub

Une femme d’un certain age...Une femme d’un certain age… [This intro —a repeat from a few years back—came to mind when I read Cynthia Harrison’s new cozy mystery introducing mature, albeit reluctant, amateur detective Jane.]

What happens when Nancy Drew grows up?

In most long-running mystery/thriller series, the protagonist stays pretty much the same from book to book. Watson never checks Sherlock into the Old Sleuths Home. Bunter never ends up pushing a drooling Lord Peter Wimsey around in his wheelchair. The Scooby Gang never get their AARP cards and reminisce about that time they had to have Scooby Doo put down.

But what if their stories did mark the passage of time? I tried to imagine what would happen when ace girl detective Nancy Drew grows up.

granny-nancy-drewNancy Drew Mature-girl detective. “That’s not a hot flash…It’s a power surge!”

NANCY DREW: Woman detective of a certain age

Nancy becomes a lawyer like her dad, whose…

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