#BlogBattle: Charm ~ #Poetry

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#BlogBattle: Charm


Old, yet never world weary
Built when a time passed slow
When people could not be asked to rush
Romance meant holding hands
Walking out for months
Getting to know each other
Where a look from across the room
Would have you spellbound
Unspoken words, understood by the heart
So much old-fashioned charm, lost to time
I would wish it back, where a gentleman
holds the door open for you to pass
What charm is there, in todays panicked, rushed world?
I want to tell you that charm remains.
I had a young boy, of about twelve
Hold the door to the chemist open for me
I was bowled over by his charm
I smiled all the way home
How had he learned to be so polite
So charming…

© anita dawes 2020

11 thoughts on “#BlogBattle: Charm ~ #Poetry

  1. In these strange times this message has slightly more impact. A well thought out poem ladies. Very on topic too. Life for many is too fast and furious. Slaves to the screen, no spatial awareness. Odd really, holding a door open for someone here occasionally gets you a weird look as if you’re an oddball wanting reward. #soapbaox.

    I hope Anita continues to make good progress too.

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  3. I know just what you mean–I miss so many everyday courtesies that have just…gone away. I still stubbornly send out real Christmas cards with printed newsletters to my family and friends.

    You do find glimmers of courtesy in the oddest places, though. One time as I was walking up to a restaurant door, I hung back to let the enthusiastically tattooed man through. But he smiled and held the door for me to go first.

    The memory of that moment still makes me smile. : )

  4. I would have to say I agree wholeheartedly with this one. Modern technology is convenient, of course, but some of our humanity does seem under fire in this age of instant gratification. The line ‘What charm is there, in today’s panicked, rushed world?’ certainly hits the nail on the head!

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