Dark Figures

Ana Prose's Blog

I had a dream. I was walking in the sunshine among lilies, roses, and sunflowers of all colors. I look toward the sky, a bolt of lightning and thunder turned everything dark. I opened my eyes. I stood in a desolate land.

The gray clouds moved at unimaginable speed against the black sky. No moon. I could see my cold breath out of my mouth and nostrils. I shivered. I saw people everywhere in rags, blindfolded, walking around like zombies.

Then I saw figures in black cloaks, gliding. Something told me they led these people. For a moment, I could sense their greed, power, and evil. Then I, too, wanted all this. I drooled after the helpless souls.

A minute later, I was one of the zombie-like souls. I took in every request from the dark figures like sweet honey in my mouth. I was finally myself at some point…

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