Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

north meeting 162There is a pool;
Its waters are held
Within the chalice of earth
Reflecting the sky.
It sparkles, calm and still,
Glinting in the sunlight,
Glittering with the stars
That play across its surface,
As day turns to night turns to day.
Yet the moon cannot enter the waters.
The sun does not bathe
Nor the stars swim.

It ripples with laughter,
When the wind plays…
Scattering its silence,
Summer’s children splashing
For a little while.
Winter ice holds it,
Frozen in time,
Dulling its reflections
Blanketed snow
In the stasis of grief
As the seasons turn.
In the heart of the pool
Only silent stillness.

We throw our stones,
Tossing pebbles…
Skimming the surface…
Making our own ripples
Ephemeral as the wind,
Droplets dancing
Diamond bright,
Or crazing the ice
Before the stone sinks.
Its presence a memory
As it leaves the light.

The waters close,
The surface stills,

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