Twilit romance

tales told different

Let the stars bear us witness,
Let them spark the story of our romance
And plot a constellation of this love

Mind and body lapped in waves of desire
Eyes drawn to wine-sodden lips
And need guised in the shapeless winter breeze
A Lust that shies away,
Blushing with the fading glimmers of a setting sun
And love sprinkled from above,
Blooming beneath the sparkle of night’s first stars

Come to me you seem to say!
A thought floated on pheromone tides
And temptation marinated in dreams of passion

I taste your lips before they meet mine
A moment intoxicated by the bliss of surrender
The sweetness of softness
The thrill of delicacy
And the fulfillment of something meant to be

Oh that first kiss!
Long bound by the ceremony of courtship
Now ripe with the succulence of patience.

Where do we go from here?

Beneath twilit skies

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