What does it say?

Doodled by Anita Dawes

Here I am, in the living room
Watching TV, reading a book
today, the book lay open on my lap
Pen and paper at my side
As a word spoken can set me off
Yesterday, it was the word destiny
Something I have just read
Rewrites itself to end up in a poem
Not today.
My mind went on its own journey
This doodling isn’t something I am known for
I wonder what it says about me.

© anita dawes 2020

7 thoughts on “What does it say?

  1. To me, doodling is much like stream-of-consciousness writing. The more you can turn off your inner critic and editor, the smoother the work will be. And it’s interesting to go back and look at those experiments after a time away and see what was in your mind at that moment.

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  2. It just so happened that I saw pages of symbolic write-ups that made some sense individually, but to make it complete I need more skill into it and time. Let’s go through it, for gathering some more sense,

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