Why Write Wrong #9

Story Empire

Good Morning from way down here in Florida, everyone! Marcia here, and I hope today finds you in good health, happy spirits, and ready to take a look at some words frequently spelled or used incorrectly. Today, I have several easy homophones to share. These words sound exactly alike, but are each spelled differently and have very different meanings.

Most of you will be familiar with all six definitions, but will want to be extra careful with your spellings, lest you confuse the heck outta your readers. 🙂

Let’s start with the easiest pair, though I see these used incorrectly more than you’d expect. There are actually 3 of these homophones, but since I’m pretty sure most if not all of you know how to use “rain” correctly, I’m going straight to the two that are often used erroneously.  Rein and reign.  They do not mean the same thing at…

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