My Sunday Morning Commitment to Creating My Weekly Writing Schedule – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I keep a daily schedule listing the items I want to accomplish. It is my Sunday morning ritual. I wake early, and while the household is still quiet, I sit with my coffee and my planner and create a detailed strategy for completing the coming week’s projects. I make entries from Monday to Sunday, dutifully blocking an hour each day to write.

And life laughs at me. Phone calls, text messages, hunger pains, dirty laundry, tv programs, and a thousand other diversions conspire to distract me from my best intentions. They are tests, each designed to challenge my commitment to my stated goal.

I find myself engaged in the excuse removal business. I schedule laundry time, plan meals, silence the phone, and other notifications. When my scheduled writing time arrives and laundry beckons, I refer the request to its scheduled time and push the beast out the door. Leaning hard…

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