Getting to Know You – What’s Your Sign?

Jessica Bakkers

We start to get to know one another pretty well here in our little community. We share stories that come from the heart, putting our purest, deepest selves down on “paper”.

But there are probably some basic things about each other that wedon’tknow – the sorts of things we’d probably tell each other in the first hour of meeting face to face. The mundane things. The usually boring normal things discussed over coffee at a Starbucks.

So, I’m going to ask you a few personal questions. Hit me up in the comments section, and share:

What’s your sign?

Hey Baby... What's Your Sign? - #caturday #pickuplines | Make a MemeNo, this isn’t some 1970’s pick up line. It’s not even about the horoscope (though for interests sake, I’m smack bang on the cusp between the sweetest fluff of the zodiac – Pisces, and the butt-crack insane serial-killer of the zodiac – Aquarius. Collective sighs of sudden understanding from my…

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