Losing the Edge


It has been one of those days where I can’t settle, get going,  and generally feel BLEH.

Saying that though, it hasn’t actually been a bad day.

The Head Man himself rang today, albeit late, but at least he apologised. Hubby said he was fuming when he told him about the notes, or lack of them being forwarded to the surgery, and having received no response to his ’emergency’ call to their offices on the 25th. Seems his message wasn’t even passed on.
Overall though, it would appear that everything is going as it should be, and we are doing all the right things in respect of appetite and food intake. The weight loss is to be expected and due to the liquid diet, so gradually as more solid food is introduced this should stabilise and sort itself out. He said he would call him again in 6 to 8…

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