In a Vase on Monday: Also-Rans

Rambling in the Garden

Today’s vase contains blooms I have not used in a vase this year, and in some cases never; not necessarily because they were not worthy of inclusion, more that they were overlooked for one reason or another…also-rans.

It was the pale pink self-seeded achillea that began this train of thought, possibly the progeny of some achillea plugs I used in pots a couple of yours ago – or maybe a wild form, brought in on the wind. I have to confess to being totally underwhelmed by achillea, and have never successfully grown any of the bright varieties seen in other people’s borders; I again have some free plugs this year and they are also pale and wishy-washy. Low growing too, they are never going to make an impact in a border. Joining them are the pretty blue flowers of caryopteris with their intriguing and equally blue stamens, Salvia ‘Phyllis Fancy’…

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