Views of the Neighborhood – Greenbelt

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Today we are going to check out the Greenbelt and see the effects of the recent rainfall. Since we can walk, we’ll leave the bus at home. Here is a margarita in an insulated to-go container. All set? Let’s go.

Views of the Neighborhood

To start, we can see the flowers are in bloom.

Beautiful vinca.

A good sign. The creek is running.

I thought these puffballs looed nice.

Some yellow flowers.

A small view of the falls.

A view of the spillway.

The producer took over and climbed down the rocks to get a better shot.

The rest of the photos are taken by The Producer since the access points are a little too dangerous for a senior citizen.

Great shot of the falls from below.

The Producer’s camera is so much better than mine. That falling water is captured in a standstill view,

Another shot of the falls from the lower level.


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