An Undignified Woman

Cynthia Reyes

I buy a box of these treats before Christmas, divide up the contents and slip some into each gift bag for loved ones.

Blog Photo - Ferrero Rocher chocolates

Two years ago, I discovered the real beauty of this box of sweets: once emptied and washed, the container makes a perfect jewellry box. Far more practical than the expensive wood-and-glass ones I’d had for years, the box makes a perfect earring holder.

Perfect. One pair in every slot, and my earrings never have to fraternize with each other and get mixed up or lost. (I am easily confused; this box provides order.)

Blog Photo - Jewellry Box emptyTurns out I had been given a lot of earrings over the decades, but in recent years, I couldn’t find them.  As a result, I always wore the same pair, everywhere.

I proudly showed the filled box to my husband. He admired it.

“It’s a bit small, though,” I said.  “I had no idea…

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