Wonder Woman…

Yes, the Wonder Woman has returned!

And looking surprisingly well after her ordeal and determined to carry on where she left off before the proverbial stuff hit the fan.

Anita also came home with even more medication than last time, plus a daily injection, all of which to be carefully administered by little old me.

We also have a new set of worries, due mainly to the fact that Anita is still not fixed, not quite yet. It will take a pacemaker to do that. Her heart must settle down first, clear the rather large clot that is preventing the left side of her heart from working properly, and recover enough for a pacemaker to be possible.

This requires an intense regime of blood thinners and warfarin, a nasty drug that needs constant monitoring and blood tests. All worth it if the pacemaker returns Anita to full health!

Turns out it wasn’t a second heart attack after all. Due to the massive damage the first one caused and the presence of a large clot inside Anita’s heart, it just couldn’t cope. It stopped minutes after we arrived at the emergency department. Luckily, they managed to bring her back, but it was touch and go for a while.

Apparently, the first heart attack was what they like to call the widow maker because it is usually fatal.

So the fact Anita is here at all is miraculous and something we are all grateful for…

33 thoughts on “Wonder Woman…

  1. What an ordeal for your sister, poor soul. It’s amazing what some human beings have to go through. My three brothers all developed heart problems as they grew older. I only have one left now, more’s the pity, but two of them survived for well over 25 years after a heart by-pass in one and two Defibulators (?) in another, which I think was quite amazing. The medical know-how is marvellous. I’m rooting for Anita. Please give her my best wishes for a complete recovery. xx

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  2. So nice to see some uplifting news. I know it might be a bumpy road ahead, but it has to feel wonderful to have Anita home again and have an actual PLAN in action. Still sending you love and prayers daily! Stay strong, all of you! 🙂 ❤

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  3. I’m glad you’re getting information finally and there’s a plan! Warfarin is tricky. I’m glad you are monitoring it carefully. Give my best to Anita. She’s in the best possible hands, Jaye, and it must be wonderful for her to be home. 🙂

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