Hacking Past Performance to Discover A Strategy for the Win – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I have a ritual I invoke at the beginning of each month. I evaluate my progress, review my accomplishments, and congratulate myself on what worked. That’s the easy part. Next, I determine where I fell short and devise ways to fix underperforming areas. Then I sweep it away.

Turning the calendar means a clean slate and an opportunity to start again. But a do-over isn’t a free pass. I hold myself accountable and reschedule unfinished tasks. By letting my failures guide me, I have learned valuable lessons. My mistakes point out miscalculations.

Dissecting the errors allows me to make course corrections, adjust my workflow, and I get another chance to be better. The one thing I keep in mind as I establish my new schedule is: my past performance is not an indicator of future outcomes. Instead, I set myself up to outperform last month’s wins.

How do you approach…

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