Can you live with hate, regret and sadness? My beautiful Ojibwa Grandmother taught us, you can not.
My Grandmother told me when I was seven. When I was six years old in 1922, the white man came to my home and they took me to a school. The nuns cut my hair, they changed my name and I wasn’t allow to speak my language. I wore school uniforms and I was beaten often. I never saw my home again.
They broke my heart and I didn’t understand. Today I don’t hold hate, regret or sadness. Holding hate, regret and sadness is a heavy load to carry a lifetime.  I forgave them, but I did not forget.
Johnnie, we must know forgiveness to be able to see some good in our life. My grandchildren make me feel alive and good. I teach you the Ojibwa ways and I hope. You…

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