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The waters of the earth are heaven’s glass
We, in their calm reflection seek our own,
And, lost in wonder, think the stars surpass
The simple spark we hold of truth unknown.
The mind, its logic lost in paradox,
Requires ending to the questioned quest;
Confines eternity within a box
That, like a coffin’d corpse, is laid to rest.
No more than just a single drop am I
Within the ocean of infinity,
And if no Hand exists, who then can try
To separate the droplet from the sea?
The heart that rests upon the scales has sight
To cast aside the veil and see the light.

Sonnet for Colleen’s Poetry Challenge

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2 thoughts on “Soul-gazing

  1. I’ve unsubscribed from you blog, and thought you might be interested in why.. When I opened my inbox this morning there were 11 consecutive emails from you. I don’t have time in my life to spend perusing so many, some of which are reblogs from people I follow anyway!
    It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed many of your original blogs–I have, especially the more personal ones, but there are so many people these days, it seems to me, that are spending a lot of time reblogging other people’s blogs and not producing anything original.
    I reblog, I admit, but only blogs I really think are worth a wider audience, and never more than twice a week. I blog regularly every Tuesday with original stuff.
    I hope the MRI scan came back with good results.

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