According to the Met Office, we were due to be hit by a hurricane in the early hours today. In readiness, we both laid out practical clothes in case we had to get up in a hurry. A year or so ago we almost lost our back fence due to heavy winds and a broken post. The pair of us were outside at 4.30 on a Sunday afternoon (typically after all the shops had closed) propping it up with old posts, rope and boulders as a temporary measure, until we could get to a DIY outlet to purchase the necessary materials for a proper repair. Since then, we have reinforced it with metal spikes in between each post for added stability, and when we noticed another post wobbling just a bit too freely on the other side of the garden, we replaced that too. Obviously, whenever heavy winds are forecast…

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One thought on “Weather

  1. Brace yourselves ladies. Shoulders to the wheel…Take care! Here, on the Costa Blanca, Spain, it is so humid, I thought my husband would have to decant me from the bed this morning! The pillows and sheets were dripping!! Phew. PS to MN – “Pull your socks up, lady!” Hey ho. Take care. Hugs xx

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