The Small Dog’s Downfall

The Small Dog

She said I was scruffy and needed a bath,

I said she’d be lucky, was having a laugh,

‘Cause my two-legs alone cannot lift me and hold me

The best she can do is manhandle and scold me

While she ends up dripping and I end up running…

My two-legs shampoo me alone? She was funning.


“Oh no, little Small Dog, we’ll try something new here…

Just come to me, girlie, I’ve got dry shampoo here.”

What, dry stuff, not wet stuff? Perhaps we could try it,

She’d not con me into the bath, ’cause I’d spy it,

I could do a runner, if she turned out sneaky..,

But ‘dry shampoo’ somehow did sound a bit freaky…


She sat on the sofa, “Stay still, little squirmer!”

She got a good grip, when I moved, she held firmer,

Then aimed something at me that’s all wet and squirty…


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