Progress Report!

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This is going to be a hard week to get through!

We now have a date for Anita’s MRI –1st August — Saturday!

We also had a phone call check up this morning from the cardiology department. They asked a million questions but seemed happy with Anita’s progress. She is a lot stronger, but the stairs still leave her struggling to breathe, which is a worry.

I’m doing a fair bit of struggling of my own, too — what with running the household and all my other jobs. Some housework is being done, but nowhere near enough!

Most of the time, I have no idea what I am doing, or if I have forgotten anything as I’m concentrating so hard to make Anita well again. Her medication is complicated, nine different kinds of pills every day. 

Number one son brought one of those weekly pill boxes, which has helped a lot. At least I can now see immediately if I have missed any!

I find myself thinking about some funny things these days, even with all the stress, which is rather odd seeing as how I can’t persuade my brain to do anything for me. I would have thought it would welcome the time off, or does it know something I don’t?

Perhaps it’s trying to get my attention?

Not a chance mate, if the WIP can’t do it, I don’t think anything else will.

I have been reading some interesting posts lately, about goals, ambitions and what most of us settle for and maybe we shouldn’t?

I have the ill-gotten reputation for being a bit clever, but I’ll let you into a secret. I’m the world’s best winger!

I love to make all manner of craft work, plus knitting, crochet, and dressmaking. I cook and paint and have two sets of green fingers. Most of what I make looks passable, but is any of it really great? Perhaps it all comes down to the difference between good and brilliant!

The phrase ‘Jack of all Trades, master of none’ runs through my head, making me wonder if I should stop trying everything and concentrate on just one thing and try for perfection.

As writing is my most favourite thing, maybe I should start with a creative writing course? Any ideas, anyone?

I spotted this somewhere, and couldn’t resist sharing it!

He gets my vote!

15 thoughts on “Progress Report!

  1. I’m glad you finally have the appointment. Hope things get moving for you 🙂
    Take care of yourself, Jaye… overworking till you can do no more won’t help anyone. As to the ‘Jack of all trades’ thing…why stop doing what you enjoy to strive for a perfection you may never feel you attain… especially as you already don’t give yourself enough credit 😉 x

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  2. I’m happy to hear that Anita is gaining strength and that her overall progress seems good! I agree with Sue, though … you have to take care of yourself, too! Best wishes to you both … I hope the MRI brings good news and look forward to the next update! Hugs!!! ❤

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  3. I think perfection is overrated. Give me a well-rounded person over one who does one thing well any day. The quickest way to become miserable is to obsess over perfection. I say do all things as well as possible and let it go. Housework. It just has to de done again next week. So who cares if a week is skipped. Thanks for the Anita report. I’m glad the MRI is scheduled.

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  4. Your life has been turned upside down, my friend,and you are in ‘survival’ mode. So long as there’s food on the table and the bills are paid, you’re good.
    Any time we use the word ‘should’ when expressing the need for the doing of things, it’s probably a good time to sit back and ‘do’ nothing for a while.
    The MRI is only the first (next) step on a much longer path that affects you deeply but in reality isn’t about you at all. (which is incredibly sucky and it should be a case of the more ‘things’ you do, the better Anita will be). In lots of ways, you’re a spectator, (as well as being Anita’s ‘person’) which I’m betting isn’t something that sits well with you. 🙂
    Like you, I’m good at a lot of things and it’s taken me a goodly portion of my adult life to be OK with that, and not feel like I have to pick one and ‘get on with it’.
    Sometimes we have to sit in the ‘uncomfortable’ and be with it … it won’t last, it never does … but if we try and fill up the ‘uncomfortable’ with distractions, (in an already distracted life) we risk missing the moment when it does change..
    I don’t know if all of the above helps with where you’re at right now, but know that you pop into my thoughts every now and then and I send a wave and a hug eastwards across land and ocean. 🙂

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