Sunday Writing prompt – Lockdown – July 26th – Staying at Home


The evening news finished and he closed his back door with a thud.

The news had been appallingly depressing and he wanted to be as far away from it as he could.

Another three hundred infections and ten more deaths were added to the ever-growing list of deceased.

It was now a case of stay at home and don’t go out unless you had to and when you did to wear a mask. The authorities were getting more and more concerned about the deteriorating situation.

Staying at home wasn’t such a dreadful circumstance for him as he spent most days alone as it was.

It was having it imposed on him that was the biggest issue. He liked to shop on-line, he went to the shop in the early morning and he had all the TV he could possibly watch plus a stack of new novels to read.

He felt…

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