Saturday Surprise — Teeny Tiny

Filosofa's Word

The weekend is here at long last … I know you all likely have big plans for the weekend, like … um … well, you can watch the grass as it grows, or … ooh ooh … I know … you can finally wash the walls you’ve been promising yourself you would do for 15 years now!  Chafing at the invisible bonds?  Moi?  Nah, only in jest.  In truth, I’m rather content to stay home.  And … it gives me time to dig up some fun things like I have in store for you today!

Fanni Sandor of Hungary is a miniature artist.  No no … she isn’t teeny-tiny, but her art is teeny-tiny, yet in a huge sort of way!  I’m just confusing the heck out of you now, aren’t I?  I tend to have that effect on people sometimes.  Take a look and you’ll see what I mean…

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