Child development

Beauty lies within yourself

Raising children with a thought that when parents get old, they can redeem their children from their savings, who would look after them in their old age.Upbringing your children as an asset, “How far is it correct”?

Forgetting the fact that children come through you and not from you. Upbringing children as your future investment will only lead to certain consequences with heavy price to be paid.

Is it correct to up bring your child in such a manner that he always remains dependent on you, in some way or the other?

We often learn and teach to our loved ones that don’t be attached with surroundings, as it only creates pain in your life. Then “Why you want your children to be attached with you”?

When you are planning to have a child or already have make sure:

  • To have a better world, liberate your child from the prison…

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