Writing & Gardening – 🌱🌺🥔🥕 📚 The Similarities #AmWriting

Lucy Mitchell

During lockdown my loved one found unexpected joy with gardening. He’s growing all sorts of stuff and has transformed our garden. I will also say his fingers are…getting greener by the day.

He’s done so wellI was gobsmacked at the SIZE and LENGTH of his carrots earlier this week. 🥕🥕🥕 Now, I never thought I would be discussing the size of my loved ones’s veg on my blog.

I’ve been watching him pottering about his vegetable and flower patches (when I should have been writing) and I have observed some similarities between writing and gardening.

  • The goofy smile. My loved one has a huge goofy happy smile when he talks about growing vegetables and flowers. It’s a similar smile to the one I have when I talk about writing romance.
  • An obsession with size and growth.My loved one is obsessed with the size of the green shoots coming out…

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