Like an Open Book

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Bamie reached for the book before she had time to stop herself. She ran her fingers down the spine and let them linger on the dustless shelf of dark brown. Around her the sounds of feet gently plodding against the tiled floor blended with the smells of coffee and tea and books ready to be taken home in multicolored cloth bags. 

“Here it is!” the cheery brunette announced as she pulled a thinner book from the next shelf. “This one will be perfect for an introduction to the genre,” she giggled. 

“Thank you,” Bamie took the slim book, waited for the young woman to leave, and then slid it back in place. Her fingers moved back to the thick book with it’s crimson, hard cover. 

“Why do you hesitate in front of something you want?” the voice behind her shoulder asked. 

She hated herself for yanking…

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