Book promotion ideas and free submission sites

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Wuhoo! Today, I am blogging to share about a bunch of excellent resources with my fellow indie authors. Book promotion ideas and free submission sites!

But first, to tell you all about Story Origin, the phenomenal FREE app for indie authors that’s quickly become indispensable for book promotion to many, including yours truly!

Thanks to Story Origin, I now have regular sales and borrows, and wonderful spikes on both too, even on the days I don’t do promo of my own. This is because, every month, I do newsletter swaps and group promotions with Story Origin, so other authors do the work for me throughout the month.

Of course, I pull my own weight by sharing in my newsletters about their work too. It only takes a short time to do my bit, and as I said, the benefit lasts for days because of the other authors’ contributions.

Honestly, this…

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