The Sunday Whirl ~ Word 458

After walking for twenty minutes

We found Tim’s picturesque cottage

Smoke rising from the chimney

We caught the smell of eggs and bacon being cooked

Reminding me I hadn’t eaten this morning

I stood for a moment, holding Tim’s favourite whiskey

Sun fingers reaching through the trees

Light playing on the ornamental fishpond

A frothy layer of frog’s eggs clinging

To a patch of purple water iris

Remembering their soft velvet touch

I breathe in the magical spot Tim had chosen to live in

The front door stood open we entered

To find one empty dish on Tim’s old wooden table

No sign of eggs and bacon being cooked. No sign of Tim.

We stood in what could so easily have been the Marie Celeste

Our friend of twenty years has never been found

The whiskey never drunk…

©anitadawes 2020

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