Thursday photo prompt: Gaurdian #writephoto

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Thursday photo prompt: Gaurdian #writephoto

Photo by Sue Vincent

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a flower-strewn cliff-top above the sea, where a rocky outcrop, seemingly shaped into many forms and faces, looks out over the waves.

Hide and Seek

by Teresa Smeigh May 2020

“This is boring,” Carl said, wiping the sweat off of his face with his shirt.

“Oh, Carl, you are always bored. What do you want to do?” Susie said, also wiping the sweat onto the bottom of her shirt. “I am tired of coming up with ideas on what to do. You choose today.”

“Let’s head down to the sea wall. Lots of places to hide, and we can play hide and seek. I’ll even let you hide first.”

“I don’t know, my parents have always stressed that it was too dangerous down there to play.”

“Oh, Susie, you…

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