Presenting My poetry ebook – Blossoms and Foliages


My poetry ebook- Blossoms and Foliages🌷🌞☘️

When you’ve always been an avid nature lover and scribbled your musings in your daily blog, It’s happiness writing. But when life throws an invincible opportunity to convert that blog into a book- your dream poetry bouquet, it’s blissful writing!!

I recently participated in the May 2020 blogchatter ebook carnival launching my ebook- a poetry bouquet- Blossoms and Foliages. Life has never been the same again. It’s an enlightening successful feeling of being published and getting accomplished. A big thank you to the blogchatter platform for this riveting success.

The central message of my book is nature and it’s paraphernalia. I echo the sentiments of Vincent Van Gogh who quoted

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty in everything “

I believe, if you stay close to nature,it will never fail you. When you walk the woods drinking through your…

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