Work From Home Or Work Of Home?🤔

Head Full Of Dreams

For those who are doing both, Please raise your hands. I would have probably raised both my hands(to exaggerate) but guess what? I don’t have a spare one to do the typing.(A moment of silence for this pathetic joke) So just to clarify, Yes! I am with you all in this and I too wish I could just skip this time and go forward to better times. Can we all just stay at home and irradicate this virus, please? That is in fact in our hands. Right?

Have you ever seen the trailer of a movie and decided whether it’s worth watching or not? Well! 2020 started as a comedy trailer and turned into a horror movie and now everyone wants to avoid it just like a Ram Gopal Verma movie but can’t. Hands down! 2020 gets the Most Disastrous year Award of the decade. It’s like 2020 was supposed…

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