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Peacock Poetry

A couple of days ago I took a break in between the many Zoom calls that make up my day and sat on the memorial bench we had made for Dad drinking a tea. As the morning sun shone on my face it brought back an incredible feeling of the Light Thad my Dad brought into my life and continues to do so.

For those of you who enjoy my poetry, and would like to hear it love, I am holding a poetry recital on Blissen, a virtual sanctuary platform, today at 17.00 CEST/ 11.00 EDT.

Here is the Zoom link in case you’d like to join : https://zoom.us/j/92554457491

Recalling the Light

I’m sitting on our garden bench

You’re here though you have gone

Remembering despite the wrench

of loss, how much you shone

You light my way, show me each day

how kindness is what saves us

No words…

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