It is our nature to be artists

Kate Duff Poetry

To take up paint brush

Pen and colour

Is the nature of all humans.

We are artists


Created in our creators image.

Given some space


And an idea

We flow into being

*the amount of people flourishing at this time. Painting, writing, playing music, taking photos, organising, sewing, cooking, sculpting and carrying out all manner of creative projects reminds me that we are all artists at heart – it is our nature and our deepest inclination.

We just need to have the other “stuff” taken away.

This morning I spent a couple of happy hours painting a boring plastic pot for my plant. Phillip the Fiddleleaf is much happier in his new bright pot. Cost me nothing, already had the chalk paint left over from a project from a year or so ago.

I cannot recall for the life of me why I had this bright pink –…

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