Views of the Neighborhood – A Rainy Day

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It was a rainy day yesterday, so today’s Views had to be something I more or less put together in the rain. I hope you brought your umbrella.

Views of the Neighborhood

I was going to do a feature on some unusual garden things. I got the first shot, and then, ,the rain came down in buckets. I thought this one was unusual. A pig, some ducks, and an armadillo on the mailbox.

I took a shot of the lake to show you how drizzly it was out here.

Twiggy was along for the walk but seemed to be focused on the puddles. Yes, she loved the rain on a leash. In the backyard, not so much.

Some peacock orchids in bloom

Another mother of all cactus.

A little bit of road work going on. This one is for Dan.

A stream that was a trickle before the rain.

This creek was running higher…

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