This week in the Den of Doom…

Jaye's Journal x12


The lockdown and isolation has entered the Den of Doom (my office) with a vengeance this week.

We have tried desperately to maintain an optimistic attitude about everything, including all those annoying PC malfunctions. I seem to spend more and more time trying to catch up, meaning I never manage to get around to anything creative anymore.

So much so, our respective muses have been AWOL for days!

Undaunted, I had been looking forward to working on the new bonsai shelves. The wood has arrived and so did the freezing weather. I don’t do freezing to death as my old bones refuse to function below a certain temperature.

So, the waiting will continue…

Shame, for I was looking forward to spending hours away from the computer.



Life isn’t waiting for me…


In the middle of the week, I started what I thought was a bad cold, streaming nose and sneezing. Of course, I immediately thought I was dying, but relieved to discover that sneezing is not a symptom of the Covid19 virus.

When the tickly cough arrived, I slipped into denial in a hurry.

The experts say that most people will only get mild symptoms and recover quickly, but not people over 75 who also have serious medical problems like heart conditions, asthma and hypertension, also like me.

Denial is a wonderful coping mechanism and I’m pretty sure I’m not dying. In the past I have beaten some usually fatal conditions, so not expecting to lose this battle either if it turns out that I do have it.

The good news is my temperature is normal and I feel fine…




12 thoughts on “This week in the Den of Doom…

  1. Glad to hear you feel fine, despite those potentially worrying symptoms. My PC is also ‘acting up’ this week. They always pick the worst time to go wrong! (I’m convinced they know!)
    Stay safe, and take care.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I hope your cold/virus passes quickly, Jaye. What a stressful time! I also hope that the weather warms so you can get outside and play with your bonsais. Take care of yourself and be safe, and let us know when you’re feeling better so we don’t worry about you. ❤

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  3. Imagination is such a powerful, revered tool, isn’t it. On occasion that is. Now and then, it’s a b… nuisance. When loved ones are in accidents, the worst quickly comes to mind. And when the doom gong sounds, it sounds just for US! The rather wonderful thing is, usually, sanity prevails, the sun comes out, and it was only our imagination after all. So pleased that you have recovered Jaye. Keep well.Cheers! x

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